About The Mercury Brief.

by Bob Page on 30 August 2009

The Mercury Brief is forging a global community of people who create stories of mythic proportions and want to describe what they learn from the experience.  It might be a new fable, myth or lesson drawn from work we consider our personal best. It might be advice we wish we had known before we started our latest project — or before starting our career. Often these lessons originate in one place and resonate globally. What can people in Argentina, for example, learn from the latest project of a storyteller in India? Why would a certain project work only in Tokyo? Storytellers include communicators of all kinds, including public relations people, journalists, writers, editors, producers, teachers and designers.

If you’re passionate about creating stories of mythic proportions, about great new ways to get ideas across — send a note to Bob Page (bob@pagestrategy.com). We’ll work on profiling the way you do it.

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