The Mercury Brief News Feed.

by Bob Page on 7 July 2010

In addition to my own Twitter news feed, this includes

  • Richard Burger, editor of The Peking Duck
  • David Churbuck, a web strategist and editor of
  • James J. Donnelly, an issues management counselor with Ketchum and editor of
  • David Grossman, “thoughtpartner,” founder of The Grossman Group in Chicago
  • John Hodgman, an actor, writer and comedian
  • Andy Ihnatko, a technology columnist with the Chicago Sun-Times
  • Jennifer 8. Lee, a writer, journalist and media adviser
  • Richard Levick, president of a crisis communications firm in Washington, DC
  • Rebecca MacKinnon, a research fellow in journalism, online media and technology policy
  • Hugh MacLeod, “gapingvoid,” a cartoonist focused on marketing and business
  • Valeria Maltoni, web marketing strategist and editor of ConversationAgent
  • Lukas Mathis, a software developer in Switzerland and editor of Ignore the Code
  • Melcrum, an internal communications research firm based in London
  • Will Moss, a communication strategist in Beijing and editor of Imagethief
  • Nieman Journalism Laboratory at Harvard University
  • PSFK, a New York trends and innovation research firm
  • Plus 8 Star, a Beijing digital consultancy founded by Benjamin Joffe
  • Vivek Wadhwa of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization at Duke University
  • TJ Walker, a New York communications expert and public-speaking trainer.
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